Friday, February 25, 2005
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Sister Hazel~It's Hard To Say - Sister Hazel~It's Hard To Say

[Listening to: Sister Hazel~It's Hard To Say - - Sister Hazel~It's Hard To Say - (3:38)] edit: is it really necessary to name it three times???

Saw last night how Korn's guitarist, "Head" is leaving the band for religion. Said all the guys in the band are good guys, but always playing "dark" tunes and being marketed the way they are makes them "look bad." Daniel was noticably disappointed to hear the news. Korn is his favorite and I think Head was his second favorite member, only preceded by Jonathan Davis. Head was one of the founding members or Korn, so I'm sure this will be a hard thing for Davis and the others to overcome. I wonder if it means the end of Korn?

I also heard in other music news that Judas Priest is coming out with a new album. Wow, wasn't expecting to ever hear from them again. I'll definitely have to check that out, see how different a sound they have now.

Well since this is just a test post really, better keep it short.

edit: I really didn't notice any advantage to using w.bloggar over just coming here and posting...think I'll delete it...hmmm.

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