Sunday, February 27, 2005
List: The Best Little Things

I saw something like this in a magazine and it got me thinking about what are those really great little things to me? These are my top 50 things that don't cost a penny...

  1. making a new friend
  2. soaking your feet
  3. long, hot showers or bubble baths
  4. your child saying "I love you"
  5. your child giving you a kiss or hug
  6. your child smiling at you
  7. crickets chirping at night
  8. birds chirping in the morning
  9. rain on a tin roof
  10. the smell of fresh-cut grass
  11. the smell of honeysuckle
  12. watching the sun rise
  13. watching the sun set
  14. seeing a shooting star
  15. seeing a rainbow
  16. a good workout (one way or another!)
  17. stepping out of the shower and into a towel that just came from the dryer
  18. getting a letter in the mail
  19. hiking in fall, surrounded by the striking foliage
  20. hearing your favorite song come on the radio
  21. scoring the win for your team
  22. making mudpies and daisy chains
  23. finding money
  24. finding out you lost weight
  25. having a good hair day
  26. those old sweats you still wear around the house
  27. going barefoot
  28. wading in a creek
  29. mooning the car next to you
  30. looking at old photos
  31. getting home from a vacation
  32. laying in the grass next to someone and just talking for hours
  33. the beach
  34. being told you don't look old enough to be his/her mom
  35. winning a contest
  36. basking in the sun
  37. sleeping in
  38. playing hide and seek
  39. music!
  40. throwing a frisbee
  41. a good massage
  42. having the house to yourself
  43. taking all your clothes off when you're hot and laying on a linoleum floor
  44. clean sheets
  45. how clothes smell when you hang them on the line
  46. a pet's love
  47. flowers in bloom
  48. catching fireflies
  49. snowflakes on your tongue
  50. running into an old friend

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