Sunday, February 20, 2005
People Really Eat That Shit?! (Part 3)

More interesting food choices from around the world:

Vegetables: Dulse: Canada: This dried purple seaweed is sold at convenience stores and should have bits of green algae, small stones, etc. adhering to it. It is eaten as is with a relish.

Fish: Cuttlefish: Hawaii: Eaten shredded and dried with a dusting of hot red pepper. The texture is tough and stringy.

Birds: Baalut: Phillipines, Malaysia, others?: This is the fertilized egg of a chicken or duck, still unhatched, but with an immature chick or duckling inside. You crack the egg and pop the fetus into your mouth complete with its partially developed feather, feet, eyeballs, etc. You can even see its veins showing through the translucent skin.

Mammals: Nutria: Louisiana, US: These large semi-aquatic rodents are indigenous to South America and were imported to the US for the fur industry. Whether intentionally or accidentally, some were released into the Louisiana marshes. Due to the damage they cause in the area with their eating habits and their prolific numbers, they are now being promoted as a food source, complete with recipes. One source says they don't taste good enough to eat, though.

Reptiles: Iguana: Mexico, Yucatan Peninsula: a.k.a. Gallina de Palo which translates to "tree chicken." There are even recipes for iguana tacoes.

Bugs: Ants: Australia: In Northern Australia, green ants may be eaten for "bush-tucker" or as cuisine prepared by chefs. Apparently, they adopt the flavor of whatever citrus tree they are inhabiting.

Drinks: Airag: Mongolia: Airag is touted as the country's national drink, thought to be necessary to maintain health. It is made by fermenting horse's milk.

Other: Corn Ice Cream: Phillipines: Yep, sweet corn in ice cream...does Baskin Robbins serve this?

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