Thursday, March 03, 2005
People Really Eat That Shit?! (Part 4)

Was just reading in Claypot's blog comments about how they eat caterpillars over in Zambia and other areas of southern Africa [see the bug section below]. With that said, on with gwoss foods...

Vegetable: Mountain potato: Japan: It's a root that's eaten raw and grated, often with raw tuna and a raw quail egg. When the potato is grated, it secretes a clear-ish slime that has the same consistency as mucus. [So, okay, it's like eating snot then. This might appeal to young children.]

Mountain potato with tuna

Fish: Rolmops: Netherlands, Denmark: Raw herring wrapped around a pickle and/or a cocktail onion. [Does like everybody have a freakin raw fish dish except, thankfully, us?]

Birds: Owl soup: China: Can be mistaken for chicken soup until you see the head in the pot!

Mammal: Squirrel brain: US South: You cook the head with the rest of the body, then using your fingers and a fork, you dig the brains out. It is said to taste similar to mushrooms.

Reptiles: Snake blood: Thailand: Served freshly harvested from King cobras. You can get it as a straight cocktail or a mixed drink for what would be as much as $200 in the US! It is supposed to have medicinal and sexual powers.

Bugs: Tarantula: Cambodia: These are commonly eaten by the locals in the town of Skuon. Also...
Mopane caterpillars: southern Africa

Are these the same ones you're talking about Claypot?

Drinks: Ammonia coke: US South: Coca-Cola with a little ammonia in it. It was once popular in West Virginia for curing various ailments and can still be found older pharmacies with soda fountains. [WTF?!]

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