Friday, March 04, 2005
Quiz: The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences

Saw this on Ms. Piggy's blog and figured I'd give it a shot. Not sure how much I agree with the results. For example, I think the musical score should have been higher because I'm such a musically-oriented person but I guess the fact that I don't actually play any instruments was a key factor in that. I also don't see myself in any of the career positions listed at all. Those would be more like hobbies or leisure activities. I guess the rest fits, though, as I do definitely tend to be a sensual person.

You scored as Bodily/Kinesthetic. You process knowledge through bodily sensations and use your body in skilled ways. You need opportunities to move and act things out. You learn best by touching, moving around, and processing knowledge through bodily sensations. People like you include carpenters, repairpersons, mechanics, dancers, gymnasts, swimmers and jugglers.















The Rogers Indicator of Multiple Intelligences
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