Monday, March 07, 2005
Snap Mah Picture! Good News!

One of my passions is photography. It's something I really want to be good at it and potentially find employment doing. I just recently got a digital camera and recently did a search on photo contests. These serve a dual purpose for me. First and foremost, they offer exposure. Exposure=Portfolio. Second -- and this is the icing on the cake -- they offer prizes! Monetary prizes. Moolah. Money. Greenbacks. Bread...i.e., something I'm always painfully lacking. These are the ones I'm currently planning on entering:

International Library of Photography's photo contest. Prize: up to $10,000!

Field and Forest nature photo contest. Can enter up to three photos. Prize: $25

American Image photo contest. Monthly contest, can enter daily. First prize: $1000. Category prize: $100. There are also Most Valuable Member prizes for "Most Active", "Best Comments", "Best Profile", and "Best Album". Awesome! Plenty of chances to win.

Reptile Photo Contest. This one's looking for pictures of reptiles with their owners and since we have a snake...This one ends March 14th. The prize isn't great, but again, there's the all-important exposure. You win a temp gun and a book titled Art of Keeping Snakes.

I'm excited about this! I know there's a lot to photography and capturing that standout award-winning photograph, and that I could probably use some study and self-training, but I feel confident I can do this! Best of all, I would be accomplishing a great is that?

More positive news! I just got a call from one of the Jones's daughters and they will be coming home from the hospital tomorrow! Barbara has been there since January 25th to get a knee replacement replaced and Bill has been there since January 30th. Poor things. I will be returning to work for them Wednesday. I'll have to go visit them tomorrow evening, though. I've missed them.

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